Dokkaebi | Product Design & Packaging

A Kid Robot exclusive series featuring characters based on the mischievous creatures from Korean folklore, the dokkaebi. A detailed illustration infuses patterns from traditional Korean architecture and clothing into a lively landscape where the characters peek out. The back design features a repeat pattern created from stacking the boxes.

Poetic Melomel Mead | Branding & Packaging

Hailing from the Sorel Island on the banks of the St. Lawrence River, La Chênaie Hydromellerie crafts traditional drinks with a modern edge. Poetic Melomel comes from an age-old tradition of mead making. The poetic name harks back to the Norse legends of the "Poetic Mead," said to grant its drinkers infinite wisdom as poets and scholars.

Poetic Melomel Holiday Mulled Mead Kit | Branding & Packaging

A festive reinterpretation of La Chênaie Hydromellerie's Poetic Melomel, the complex, fruity flavor of Poetic Melomel's holiday sweet mead combines with rich mulling spices to create a bright and savory take on an old holiday tradition. Easy to follow instructions and an infusion bag make the process that much easier. Celebrate the holidays with a warm glass of mulled mead.

Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale | Book Design

A tale of magic, court intrigue, disguises, and artful transformations comes to life with an intricate jacket design featuring layers of symbolic floral motifs that echo the layered nature of the tale's meaning. Extended into a poster, bookmark, and interior spread design, it is a deluxe interpretation of book design. This series also features an alternate option featuring the twisted nature of the tale infused into a design of intricate thorns and branches that give way to the buds of spring, much like the harsh and tragic beginning of the tale blossoms into an ending full of joy and love.

WISE | Logo Design & Visual Branding

Women's Initiative for Self Empowerment, a non-profit based out of St. Paul, works to empower immigrant and refugee women to succeed. This new logo tells the story of and organization that lifts women up to soar towards success despite all obstacles. The visual branding developed breathes a dynamic vibrancy and energy into the organization's communications. Learn more about WISE here.

TypeCon 2015 | Branding & Program Layout

A visual branding of the program for a large conference aimed at typographic professionals and enthusiasts. The theme of the conference was "Condensed," and it plays into a whimsical and quirky cloud design that features hand lettering in both the title and the texture behind it.

Alegreya Sans HT | Type Specimen

Alegreya Sans HT is a humanist sans serif typeface from Huerta Tipográfica foundry. Designed for literature, the calligraphic qualities of the letterforms create a varied and beautiful texture. Dynamic at both small and large sizes, this type specimen displays the versatility of the type's features through a large poster that folds into a booklet.

The Wendigo | A Visual Narrative

The wendigo is a terrifying creature from Anishinaabe-Ojibewe lore. In this visual narrative, a new adaptation of the story comes alive through the use of parallax web elements to create a cinematic experience.

Experience the full visual story here.