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Hello there!

My name is Anna. Hailing from Minnesota, I am currently a student at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities. I will receive my Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Graphic Design through the College of Design in the fall of 2015.

Visual arts have long been my passion, and I believe that storytelling is the key to a powerful message. I look forward to using my skills as a designer, illustrator, and artist to create narratives that make an impact.

Two truths & a lie:

1) I ate lunch with Buddhist monks in Korea.
2) I fell into a Venetian canal during Carnivale.
3) I held a cabinet meeting with the First Minister of Scotland.

When I'm not working you can find me:

running | reading | drawing | making comics | playing music | petting dogs| flying kites | blowing bubbles | watching baseball | going on spontaneous adventures | & getting up to general mischief